On our third extrodenery day at P.G.L Little Canada, I was woken up by Eleanor shacking me awake. When I finely stumbled out of bed and got dressed, I was ready for breakfast. I had a cooked  breakfast to fill me up for the day ahead

Time for tunnel trail! Tunnel trail is a series of dark tunnels that you craw through to get to the main chamber. I hate the dark; I was so scared I had goose bumps. It was claustrophobic in the tunnels and I wasn’t keen to enter but I did, when I reached the main chamber rich, the man who led tunnel trail, gave me a plastic coin for being brave in the dark. Then we played pirates and navy, I was the prison guard. Soon it was time to go to the giant swing!

My first impression of the giant swing was no way. But after getting my harness and helmet on, I started feeling les sick. Soon I plucked up the courage to have a go. Conner and I went on together; we didn’t go all the way but high enough. When we started swinging, I felt relieved that I my tummy hadn’t been left up there but very excited too. After all that excitement, my tummy started to rumble and I know it was time for lunch.

When the time finally came, lunch time, I had pizza, chips and salad yummy. After heading back to the cabins, Izzy, molly, holly, Tamara, Eleanor and I decided to play Britain got talent, it was hilarious. Molly sung a song called “I want to be a tree but it’s much bigger than” and Tamara and Eleanor sung a song called “break up in the bath tub”. Before I know it, it was survivor time!

Survivor is an exciting activity where you learn how to survive in a forest by yourself. One of the skills I learnt was how to make a fire from flint and steel, I also learnt how to make shelter from trees. I feel a little gross because my welly slipped off so my sock was all muddy. Not a nice feeling! Now time for our final activity, with a squidgy, muddy wet foot.

Nature Trail time! Nature Trail was where we found insects and examined then. We found lots of worms and Molly put one on her nose and kissed it. All to earn a chocolate bar that she wasn’t even given! After another tasty meal, I headed back to the cabins to get dressed for the disco. We certainly knew where the disco was; we could hear it from the cabins! In the disco, all we could hear was music. We couldn’t even hear ourselves think! I bought a bottle of lemonade. Surprisingly the disco was over quite quickly which was a good thing because I was exceptionally tired! After the disco, we went to Mrs Davis’s cabin to give Rich his presents: beer and gravy!

Soon it was time to put our PJs on and hit the pillow. I was happy to be going home tomorrow but I will miss the fun week.



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