Peace Day

When we arrived at school in the morning it was really nice to see that lots of people were wearing white or flowery clothing. I was really excited about the day ahead.

Before break we finished our peace poems and then all of year 5 were getting all of the resources ready for our peace day activities.

After break we had an assembly to explain to the rest of the school what Peace Day was about and what activities we were going to do for the rest of the day. When the assembly had finished, me and Lacey went to Year 3 to teach them how to make poppies. I really enjoyed teaching the children in Class 3 how to make them. I think they really enjoyed making them too!

After lunch we went to Class 4 to make some poppies with them. I think this went really well. They made so many that Miss Spence had to go and photocopy some more templates.

Overall, the day was a success. I feel pleased that the day went so well. I think we successfully promoted a message about peace to the rest of the school.


Class 5


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