On Thursday 6th of November, I was woken up by my friends and we had to rush to get to breakfast because we got up so late. We headed to the dining hall.

Then, we headed back to our wooden cabins so we can get changed in our day clothes.

After, this we went to the muddy meeting point for our first mind blowing activity for the day. Survivor! We had Steve for this and he was brilliant! We made a shelter it had to be able to survivor wind and rain, for this we spilt into two groups of five. First up was Ashleigh’s. Their group survived the bottle of water, then as Ashleigh came out Steve poured the water over her. Funny! Then it was our turn, ours did not survive it and we got soaked, not me I was protected by the shelter yeah! Then he showed us how to make water clear so you can drink it in the forest.

Once we have dismantled our shelter we went back to the muddy meeting point, ready for the Legendary Giant Swing. First, we were harnessed safely then it was mine and Daniels turn. We were then harnessed into the Giant Swing, whilst the rest of our group quickly pulled the rope , next we were swiftly going higher… and higher… and higher till we were 40 foot in the air. 5, 4,3 ,2, 1 and we pulled the rope. Whoosh! And we were flying in the air like a bird when we came down we had a massive wedgie then we had another go.

Once we were finished we headed to the lovely dining room. My tummy is rumbling because I was starving. Then we headed to Jacobs Ladder, this was awesome! We had to climb up wobbly poles, I got to the fourth and fifth poles. We had to show teamwork for this because there was a job called a bucket monkey, they put the rope into a bucket there was two of them to do different things.

Next up was the Matrix. This was cleaning Quad bikes, we went to get supplies and… The rest is a mystery!!!

After we went back to our wooden cabins for the booming Disco!!! Yeah!  We got in our Disco clothes and got our money for the shop because we had that first. In the shop there was too much to choose. After we chose our things we headed back to our wooden cabins for a few minutes. Then we went to the Disco it was outstanding. On this night we were allowed one fizzy drink. We were dancing crazily and the music was like a bomb going off. This was the best night ever! Oh yeah the clothes were really fancy!


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