Thursday 6th November, our fourth day at Little Canada, I was woken by the sound of a thump on the door. Within minutes I was up and raring to go!

After a shower and a well-deserved breakfast, I was on my way to my first activity, the dreaded Giant Swing. We were harnessed in ready to go. After the first couple of people I doubted myself. Could I do this? There was no choice. I was in. 10ft. 20ft. 30ft. 40ft. done. Slowly, cautiously I was ready to pull the string. My legs felt like jelly. GONE. Goose bumps were showering me. But I wanted to go again!

After a quick breather in my cabin I was ready to explore! I was heading to my next activity the Legendary Rock Climbing. I was harnessed in and first up to go.  Me and Bradley were a rocket climbing the huge wall and did it in less than a minute! Then the second time on the hardest wall I was fine going up ¾ of the way but then I stopped. Is this safe? Oh no I’m slipping. I can’t do it. I had got it .I had grabbed the next rock and I was on my way to the top. I had done it! I came down with a proud smile on my face and I was on my way to a delicious lunch.

After a fabulous lunch, cooked by the chefs, I was on my way to my third activity the miraculous Aeroball! We got into teams for the competitive Aeroball championships. Me and Kaylum got into a team on the trampoline and had to face the crazy Harvey and Bradley but after a vicious match of shooting we came out with a draw. After the competition had ended we had finished with a mighty… Third place. Better luck next time!

After a snappy break, we headed to our next adventure the daunting JACOBS LADDER! Suddenly, I was strapped in and first up to go with my two great friends Kaylum and Maddie. As we got higher it seemed to get more and more perilous. I couldn’t do it. I had to come down. It was too shaky. It had beaten me. I had remembered an important message, no regrets. I had to go again. I was soon back up and high at six ladders up but it was time up and I came down feeling proud of myself.

After a luxurious dinner I was in my cabin I was getting ready for a groovy end of week disco! At 7:00 pm on the dot ( I think) we set  out  to the A zone to celebrate with my friends. But even before we got there we could hear the booming music, it was like thunder. At 9:00pm it was time for bed to be awoken for the next exciting day!


One thought on “Stanley

  1. You sound like you had an amazing time and your blog made me feel like I was there with you. Most impressive is that I didn’t know you could write like that – wow!

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