The Elgin Marbles

In the early 1800s Lord Elgin, a British ambassador, took half of the remaining marbles from the Parthenon in Greece. Since then they have been called the Elgin marbles. Recently people have been arguing about whether they should go back to Greece.

Some people think that the Elgin marbles should stay in Britain. One reason for this is that they could cost too much to return them to Greece. It would cost too much because they need to buy the equipment to send them back. Another reason is that other countries would want their artefacts back. Museums would be empty if other countries too their artefacts back. The Elgin marbles are best kept in Britain where they are seen by more people.

On the other hand, some people think that they should go back to Greece. Firstly, they are Greek marbles not British marbles; they should return to their rightful owner. Neil Kinnock, a labour leader, agrees that they should return to Greece. He quoted, “The Parthenon without the marbles is like a smile without a tooth.” The British damaged them while they were cleaning them in the 1930s; they need to be looked after better. This is why they should be sent back to Greece as soon as possible.

In conclusion, the British saved them from getting destroyed but they are originally Greece’s marbles. To solve this problem they should have half each of the marbles. What do you think?



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