School Expansion

Dear Parents,

I am writing to explain an exciting change which will take effect from September 2015.

Just before the Easter break, we were contacted by Hampshire Admissions who requested that we increase our intake of Year R children in September to cater for an increased demand for primary school places in the upcoming academic year. This will result in us having two Year R classes however we are informed at this time that this is only for one academic year.

We are aware that the expansion of the school poses potential issues and we have discussed these with Hampshire, who have been able to provide us with the reassurances that we needed in order to proceed.

We are very clear that our primary focus is to ensure that the high standards of education that we currently offer your children are not compromised.

Over the coming weeks, we will be recruiting a teacher and securing more hours of valuable Learning Support Assistant time to cater for the additional class. Parents will be informed of the organisation of adults for September 2015 in early July.

We are due to meet with a representative from Hampshire to further discuss the arrangements and will inform you of the outcome. We hope that you join us in seeing this as an exciting opportunity for the school.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Way





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