Spooky Scientist by Saya

As I entered the room, there was a dead silence. The smell of burning fire filled my nostrils and made my eyes sting with water.

I saw three sharp knives on the as I ventured closer through this terrifying place. It made me shake with curiosity as I found a dripping red liquid on the walls.

“Hello child, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for years. You are never going to see the break of dawn again.”

When I turned my head around I was shocked. Her hot pink hair blinded me. Beautiful blushed cheeks, straight hair, false eyelashes and an adorable flower tattoo on her shoulder. The woman whispered in a deep voice quiet as a mouse.

“Sit in the corner. Don’t be scared. Do you want something to eat my dear?” She was holding something sharp in her hand. It made my jaw drop with horror.


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