Spooky Scientist by Lenny-Ray

As I stepped into the room, I smelt a concoction of chemicals that offended my senses. On the wall there was a row of mysterious paintings that showed a man staring out with piercing eyes. Each painting showed the man running towards a closed door. The door opened and it showed the final painting of the man. His arm sticking out, beckoning…

A deep voice asked,” What is your name?” And then went on, “Please come closer to my cosy campfire. I am very interested in getting to know you better!”

I looked over my shoulder and saw the man in the painting. One eye blue, the other red. His face was so ghastly I tried to look away but his magnetic gaze stopped me from doing so!

“ Please come into my laboratory.” He said in a scary voice. I took my place next to the cosy campfire. All I could think about was how I could escape this place…


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