Spooky Scientist by Amy

As I tip-toed in through the double doors all I saw was stacks of crates full of human

skulls. Dead animal heads were painted all over the old walls along with devilish

diagrams. By the fire was a baby’s skull.  As I turned around I could see a person next to me.


“Well, I never had a child as a visitor before, take a seat then I will show you around,” whispered the witch as she lifted up a skull with an evil cackle. “ Come with me my sweetie pie!” She had a skull necklace.

She showed me her laboratory . “ I`m going to my kitchen , do you want a drink?” She asked “There you go.”

She dragged me up stairs into a pitch black room where I fainted .

When I woke up, a bright light illuminated the room. I could see the lady clearly. Long blood red hair with black streaks hung down her back, a sinister tattoo decorated her left arm. She towered above me tottering on her threatening high heels. She had hypnotic beauty which meant I couldn’t look away.

Her terrifying stare chilled me to the bones.


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