Spooky Scientist by Charlie

As I slowly stepped into the room the damage filled my brain with horror. I wish I never went in.

Shocked, I peered through the ransacked room. On the table was a skull. Thick, dark liquid flowed from its base. I saw a large sinister diagram with a figure that looked exactly like me. The wind blew. I turned around to check. Nothing was there. I looked back at the painting, the figure was gone.

Suddenly a smooth voice spoke out, “Hello, welcome to my lab. What is your name?

”As the voice came again, I replied slowly and nervously. “Charlie.”

“Hello Charlie, what tub do you want, or shall I choose for you?”

As I saw the dark figure up close he had an evil grin and a musty smell. He looked up with a left eye white and a right eye blue. In his hand he carried a green potion still with an evil grin but worse. I tried to look away but I couldn’t I wanted to experience more. He stunned me. How I wish I looked away.

I stood there face to face with the mysterious figure he whispered, “You’re scared aren’t you?” I wondered, would I ever leave this room. Yes, I was really scared.


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