Spooky Scientist by Ethan

As I walked through the dead silent wood, a dirty mossy hut came into view. I opened the door and my head was pushed back as a rush of air blasted in my face.

Peering around the corner, a red streak flashed across the carpet.

“Is anyone home?!” I shouted. On the table in front of the cracked window stood a skull. Blood red handprints covered the walls. An old gas stove quietly warmed a crucible full of blue bubbling liquid. A shiver went down my spine I could feel someone watching me.

“Welcome…welcome. After years of waiting you have finally arrived.”

I spun on my heel and turned around and saw the man. I couldn’t describe him. He looked like he was from another world. From the future. His cold mellow eyes were dark blue and tinted green. He had dirty blonde hair and a torn blue business coat.

“Welcome,” he whispered. “Come and sit down. Have a snack you must be hungry after that long, long walk of yours.” I put my coat away. I didn’t think that I would ever come out again…


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