Spooky Scientist by Gabriel

As I was walking through the woods I saw an abandoned hut. When I opened the door and I stepped in, a deadly sound caught my breath whispering in a sinister voice, “ Aaaahh.”

When I stepped into the room, the old fashioned portraits reminded me of trapped souls that might live here. The walls were white-washed and  ripped and the corners were all covered full of spiders and cobwebs. But when I was looking at a TV I felt like someone was stalking me ,then a voice spoke out and the TV turned on.

Why are you leaving now huh ? I’ve been waiting for you my dear. You look pretty. Where have you been? It looks like you want to go somewhere but where?

The TV was all covered with dust and chemicals. I thought that this person that just talked might be a scientist. I walked around the TV and I saw a secretive hand it looked like he could still breath. Then when he stood up you could see unfamiliar trousers and a pitch black coloured  lab coat. The air around him smelt toxic. He confidently revealed his face to me ,his face was a face that no one has ever seen before. He looked like he had been unconscious for years. It was so amazing but very spooky too I couldn’t look away. It’s like he had a soul trapped in him.

“Welcome, you are going to be my new friend.” He whispered. “Are you hungry, do you want to eat, shall you choose or shall I choose for you?” He asked. “Oh, say hello to my lab.” His voice was from another world.


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