Spooky Scientist by Isabelle

As I walked through the stormy woods I needed to find shelter. Much to my surprise, I saw a mossy hut. As I anxiously entered, it felt like I was slapped in the face by the scent of smoky potions drifting from around the corner.

Did I dare walk around there? I went on. The many wooden cabinets pushed against a wall were crowded with mysterious potions. Much to awaken my curiosity, a gorgeous silver chandelier hung from the ceiling. When I strolled further into the room I saw a bygone beaten hospital bed which was covered with philosophical instruments. I peered at a corner; it was loaded with colourful gas explosions. I turned to see eccentric diagrams covering the white-washed walls and an old basket of notebooks which were full of equations. The small piles of bones made me feel insecure. This all seemed paranormal.

“Sit over there.” She pointed at a damp dark corner of the room “Do not touch anything” she snapped.

I apprehensively stared at the woman. She had sombre blue hair that faded into purple and gently fell to the wooden floor. She was beautiful. It would seem as if she was kind to anyone, but I knew the truth. There were sparkling highlights throughout her hair but her purple enchanted necklace made me more nervous as a wolf daemon suddenly stood beside her. She was levitating which made me feel more insecure than ever. Her purple eyeshadow was shining so bright it was as if she had hypnotic beauty.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “A new specimen to try my spectacular experiments on.”



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