Spooky Scientist by Jacob

As I was taking a stroll through the local forest I saw an old and mossy hut. Because it was raining, I went inside. When I opened the door I knew going there was a mistake. I smelt the stench of rotten flesh. It was enough to put someone in hospital.

When I peered through the crack in the doorway I could see a skull in a glass container. It stood on a solitary shelf. On one wall there was a portrait depicting a man standing alone – staring across the dark, murky lake. A Feng Shui cat was waving rhythmically, calling me into the darkened room. Then with a deep vivid voice someone spoke out.

“You have only just come in.” He said. “Are you ready for thrill of my laboratory?” I spun around to see…

A man half his face too horrific to look at. His eyes blue and bloodshot. He had blonde, styled hair that would turn white when exposed to heat and he wore black business suit with a red bowtie. He seemed to be a very strange person.

I then looked at him once more. “Welcome.” he said while rubbing his hands with joy. “Take a seat after all you are my guest.” After that I gazed around until the light bulb fell to the floor with a crash. “Goodbye.” He said with a devious voice. I was left in a pitch black room.


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