Spooky Scientist by Rhiannon

As I was strolling through the woods, I stopped at a massive house. It looked like a palace to me. I opened the door and nervously stepped into the room. A waft of lavender slapped me in the face. I did not want to leave.


When I closed the door behind me I walked into the room and had a look around. I saw a lovely silver chandelier and then I spun on my heel and saw a pink couch and next to it a black door. I went to open it but it was padlocked shut so I put my eye to the key hole… I saw a mask and quickly took myself away from the door frightened to death. Then a voice spoke.


“Hello my sweet, where have you been?” it said in a curious way. “I have been waiting a long time for you. Make yourself comfortable. Would you like a strawberry cake or chocolate cake or shall I choose for you.”


I looked up at the persons face and to my surprise it was a beautiful woman. She had hair that was so silky and blonde. I tried turning my eyes away but her beauty was hypnotic. The woman had cheeks that were rose red and her finger nails matched. As I looked at her perfectly shaped nails the goldenness of her dress memorized me.


“Get up child, come closer the fun is just about to begin.” She said in a mysterious voice. “Look but do not touch! She added gesturing to a pot of boiling liquid. With a swirl of her manicured hand, she tried to push me in. At that moment I knew I had to escape.



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