Why Blog?

You might be asking yourself why is Mrs. Haden-Brown setting up a school blog?

I’ll try to answer you below:

At Red Barn, “We are committed to realising the full potential of every individual child both socially and academically.” (Written by Mrs. Randall but acted on by all school staff) I believe that Blogging is a powerful learning tool – firstly because it is fun and when children are enjoying themselves they are more open to learning.

Blogging will give our pupils a real audience. When they publish a piece of writing, art work or audio clip it will be potentially to the whole world – whom can then comment on the work. This will also lead to the children taking more pride in their work while developing their proofreading skills too.

Blogging can motivate our pupils to read more as they discover other schools Blogs such as this .

Our society is moving quickly towards being a collaborative one, with Wiki’s and Twitter… Today when I couldn’t find the details of a course I want to attend  I posted a question on Hampshire’s PrimaryICT  – a reply came 35 minutes later with all of the information I needed – brilliant! Our Blog will hopefully allow the children to share their learning with their peers, parents, the community and the world! You will learn about what you child is doing at school and you may gain some other knowledge from their work whilst the children will learn how to improve their work from one another. There is also the potential for Grandparents who live further away, and parents who are travelling through work to see what the children are doing, and to comment on it.

Is it safe? This is an important question to ask: Any introduction to The World Wide Web at Red Barn School will automatically carry some teaching about safety. Reception class children learn who it is safe to share their passwords with while older children learn about the possible dangers that they could meet outside of school. The children learn about being good digital citizens, cybersafety and and netiquette whilst they are using ICT.These are all the reasons why I think it’s exciting but also very valid that Red Barn pupils begin blogging!


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